Which Method To Use

Deciding on a suitable leak test method can depend on many factors but the starting point is the leak rate you are trying to detect. Sometimes even this is not a known parameter but we can provide data of typical applications in your industry to give some guidelines.

We can offer virtually all technology based methods so our recommendations are not biased towards any one technique.


These approximate leak rate figures shown below are ROUGH GUIDES only. In reality these may vary significantly under certain circumstances.

Part volumes, test pressures, time available and level of automation will play a large part in the decision.

The remaining factors when choosing a leak detection method would normally be such considerations as:

  • Equipment and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Gas consumption costs (Air, He, H2 trace gas)
  • Viscosity and speed of dispersion.
  • Safety concerns (high pressures, media contamination, toxicity)
  • Local service and spares availability
  • Portability, battery operated.
  • Renewable resources, recovery methods