Product Range


Setting the standard for reliability and ease of operation, INFICON leak detectors are available for a wide range of applications-from pinpointing small leaks in high-vacuum systems to heavy-duty industrial quality control.

INFICON high performance leak detectors are specially designed to quickly reach test conditions and deliver accurate, final results in all measurement ranges. Our leak detectors are highly sensitive for sub-assembly and mid-production quality testing, as well as final testing to ensure system integrity.

INFICON offers leak detectors for testing components, subassemblies, and complete systems in manufacturing facilities around the world.


Innovative hydrogen-based instruments for leak detection and industrial leak testing. The instruments are based on a proprietary microelectronic sensor technology that has a unique sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen. This sensor technology is integrated into leak detectors with outstanding performance and ease of use. The leak detectors combined with trace gas chargers and various practical accessories are all designed for tough industrial environments and present a whole new range of opportunities for improving and simplifying leak detection on a great variety of applications.



CTS-Schreiner GmbH supplies special purpose systems and leak testers to customers worldwide in all industrial environments from the cleanroom to the foundry . A full range of pressure and vacuum test units are available to suit all requirements with purpose built machines.