News from UK Sales Division

Preserving working capital is key, yet businesses still need to grow and regularly invest in new equipment. Our partnership with Bluestar Leasing ensures that our customers can commit to our solutions quickly, and on competitive terms that best suits budgets and cash flow.

Terms from 2 – 5 years available
Tax advantages – Leasing is 100% tax allowable
Fast credit decisions – Credit approval typically secured within hours + eSign documents
Cash flow – Preserve your working capital
Existing credit facilities remain unaffected
Flexibility – Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term
Software finance – 100% software and all delivered services
Finance Lease and Tech Payment Plans available

* Available to Limited Companies, PLCs, LLPs and Partnerships of 4 or more Partners.

Automotive Roadshow

We had a successful week with the mobile exhibition stand at the UK automotive companies Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Ricardo, Honda and Ford recently.

The event itself was well received with a very high attendance before it travelled on through Germany for another two weeks.

We now look forward to offering leak test solutions to the varied enquiries we received during this time.

 New HLD 6000 and Sentrac – standardised HMI and better ergonomicshld6000

The newly designed Inficon touch screen display, that incorporates the new human machine interface, offers a much more intuitive operation, less menu levels and easy-to-understand icons that will allow for a faster learning curve for new operators and less chance for operator error.The new HLD6000 is fitted with a new hand probe that offers significantly improved flexibility and manoeuvrability. With a slimmer design and less weight, the probe is easier to carry for a full work shift without fatigue. The balanced design of the probe allows for easier pin-pointing of the suspected leak area. Additionally, the new hand probe is equipped with LEDs that help light the area where you are searching for leaks.

The important interaction between the operator and the instrument was central to developing the Sensistor Sentrac, particularly with the new hand probe P60. With a clear OLED display, the probe provides search results in the operator’s hand. The display visualizes parameters whiInficon Sentrac-C Front w Probe 01 LowResch facilitate leak detection–for example, a search bar, which indicates distance to the leak, leak size and leak limit. The robust probe is made of aluminium and stainless steel while being flexible and well balanced to fit in smaller hands. The measurement is easily controlled with a single multifunction button on the probe handle.