Sentrac launched

The successor of the ground
breaking and trend setting ISH2000 .Takes a new leap in leak detection with improved performance and innovative functions. Incorporates the unsurpassed SENSISTOR sensor technology for hydrogen sensing.

Inficon P3000XL Helium leak detector

Accurate, Reliable Leak Testing at a Distance

As the newest member of the Protec P3000 family, the INFICON Protec P3000XL Helium Sniffer Leak Detector is specifically designed for full-time Helium sniffing applications in demanding production environments.

New HFO Refrigerants (R1234yf/ze, R452a), AC5/6 & CO2

We have various options to detect low leak levels of these new refrigerants .The HLD6000 smart probe or E3000 can be used depending on your requirements.

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New pressure decay unit

LPC 250 heralds a new generation of leak testing equipment from H. Schreiner. With its compact size and exceptional accuracy, this low cost computer makes no compromises when it comes to functionality .